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1999-10 F-250/350 Indexed Crossmember

Part Number: PMF-FRD-7003
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05-10 Indexed Crossmember to be used with Index Plate
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Have you lifted your truck 10" or more and can no longer use your front driveshaft?!  This includes JUST the crossmember for use with our index ring.  The combo will allow you to rotate your transfer case downward and get your front driveline angles back within spec for your front driveshaft. 

Please note that our crossmember by not work with some aftermarket 4-link setups depending on how they mount to the frame.  We have done our best to keep this crossmember as close to the oem shape as possible for the best possible chances of working with other aftermarket kits.

Depending on year and transmission type (manual or automatic), this crossmember may require a couple holes to be drilled in the frame for mounting!

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