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2017-20 Ford Transfer Case Index Plate and Crossmember

Part Number: PMF-FRD-7013-1
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In 2011, Ford went to a new design with the transfer case and transmission.  PMF is proud to offer the first to market index plate for the newer trucks.  With this plate, it allows you to index or clock your transfer case down on large lifted applications.  This will lessen the angle of the front driveline and thus reduce vibrations and ujoint failures caused by excessive angle from large lifts.  This plate is CNC cut and milled out of 5/8" aluminum for the ultimate in strength and precision.  

This is designed to be used on trucks with large lifts above what the OEM driveshaft is capable of from the factory.  On a 2017-19 this is necessary around 7" or can be used on larger trucks in conjunction with a custom front driveshaft.

Plate comes with required hardware.

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