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Adjustable Center Carrier Bearing Drop Bracket

Part Number: PMF-FRD-CDROP
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Vehicle Year: 1999-2004,2005-2007,2008-2010


Vehicle Application: Excursion,F-250,F-350
Vehicle Drivetrain: 2WD,4WD
Allows you to fine tune the drive shafts center carrier bearing. This bracket will only work with trucks equipped with a 2 peice rear driveshaft. The bracket is made from laser cut 1/4" plate steel for unsurpased strength and long term reliability. This bracket allows the center carrier bearing to be adjusted from 0" to 4" of drop, moved front to rear 4", and angled from flat to a max of 20 degrees. This adjustability allows you to get the carrier bearing precisely adjusted to eliminate binding that causes unwanted vibration and greatly shortens the life of your u-joints, carrier bearing, and pinion bearing. The kit includes all mounting hardware. Finish: Semi gloss black powdercoat Special Notes: Does not include carrier bearing, will only work on trucks equiped with a 2 peice rear drive shaft

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