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Inverted Ubolt Adjustable Alignment Pin Top Plates

Part Number: PMF-FRD-4051
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PMF Inverted Ubolt Top Plates are designed for a ubolt where the nut is on the bottom of the axle housing.  Featuring an additional contour around the ubolts adds a little more security in preventing the ubolts from shifting.  These are designed to be a drop in replacement for 2011+ OEM SD ubolt configurations or can be used on earlier models with different ubolts to converted over to an inverted ubolt configuration  (additional components needed). 

These also have 3 different center pin locations that work in conjunction with our lift blocks to allow you to center you axle within the fender well.  Stock or other aftermarket blocks will not allow this.

These are designed for use on a 3" wide spring.

Kit includes:
  •    (2) Ubolt Top Plates

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