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PMF 1999-2020 SD Sterling 10.25/10.5 Weldon Rear Axle Truss

Part Number: PMF-TRU-WST105
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Here is the ultimate for strengthening the rear axle of your 1999-2020 Ford Superduty.  This is designed for the Sterling 10.25/10.5 axles.  This truss is laser cut from 1/4" steel and CNC formed.  Unlike many trusses out there, a tremendous amount of design time was spent to make this fit the actual contour of the differential housing.  This does have the notch/cutout for the speed sensor on the driver side of the diff housing. 

The "Standard Weldon Truss" is the top truss itself, no additional items.

The upgraded "Triangulated Link Mount" version includes the base truss, the upper triangulated link mount, and the braced rear diff cover as well.  This option is not something that can be ordered at a later date as it requires all 3 parts upon initial assembly as they locate one another for proper installation.  The upper link mount is designed for a 2.63" mounting width with a 3/4" diameter bolt (neither included in purchase).   

Proper installation of this truss will require an experienced welder.  The factory cast differential housing and the fact that the axle is being welded in general, makes installation of this a little more difficult than a standard welding task. PMF is not responsible for damage to your axle/differential!

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