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1999-10 Ford F-250/350 PMF Traction Bar Kit

Part Number: PMF-FRD-4010
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1999-10 Ford F-250/350 PMF Traction Bar Kit
Stage 2 w/ Gussets and Traction Block Mount Shown. Custom color done by customer.
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Looking for a set of traction bars? We have the perfect combination of form, function and cost with options to fit everyone's needs!  These will smooth out shifts while towing a load behind the farm truck or keep your all out sled puller planted.  .  With our design and selection of components, our system will not hinder suspension articulations nor affect ride comfort.  You will notice a more secure feeling from the rear end of the truck, smoother/faster shifts, more confident braking, and increased stability on hard launches.  Driveline components will see less strain since they will no longer be pushed forward harshly under hard acceleration.  This will increase the longevity of all of these items!  These are not a one size fits all design.  With multiple configurations and mounting options, these can be tailored to your design tastes and for how your vehicle is being used.  The craftsmanship and quality of these is unmatched by anyone in the industry.  As always, these are built by our skilled craftsmen with nothing but the highest quality components here in the USA.  Best on the market?  We think so and our customers agree!

There are 4 styles of bar to choose from:

Stage 2 Round Tubular-  These are constructed from 1.75" OD .250 wall steel DOM tubing.  These are a clean and simple round bar.

Stage 3 Round Tubular-  These are constructed from 2" OD .250 wall steel DOM tubing.  These are a clean and simple round bar.

Stage 2 Gusseted-  These take the simple round bar and add a formed gusset under the bottom side of the bar for additional strength and looks.  

Sheet Metal Fabricated-  These are CNC formed from laser cut 3/16" steel for a more boxy appearance.  These have a truss-like window design cut out of them.

We offer 4 different mount types for these systems:

Bottom Nut Ubolt-  These are the most commonly used mounts for the 2011+ trucks which have the ubolt nuts under the bottom of the axle.  These are entirely bolt on and only require drilling at the frame side.  This mounting configuration replaces the factory cast ubolt plate under the axle housing with our fabricated mount which incorporates the mount for the traction bars.  These dont affect lift height nor ubolt length or configuration when used on an OEM style ubolt setup.  This will not work with a ubolt up configuration where the ubolt nuts are on top of the leafs.  If your truck has a ubolt up configuration where the nuts are on top of the leaf and you would like to run this style of mount, we offer an inverted ubolt top plate and and inverted ubolts that can be purchased separately (2011+ OEM Superduty configuration).

Weld-On-  This mount is designed to weld under the bottom of the axle tube.  You have some flexibility with this kit as this is more of a "builder" style kit.  As such this style of mount should be welded by a knowledgeable party to ensure proper and safe function.  This style mount is typically used with a ubolt up configuration where the nuts are on top of the leaf springs. 

Standard Bolt-On-  These are used as a bolt on option for trucks with a ubolt up configuration, 1999-2010 factory style ubolt orientation.  These set directly on top of the spring perch and clam shell around the axle housing.  The leaf spring or separate block may be set on top of these.  These will not work with an inverted style of ubolt where the nuts are under the bottom of the axle housing.

Block Mount-  These are the same as the Standard Bolt-On except they come with a block built into the upper portion.  With these you may choose the block height and options that will come with the kit.  These must be used with a ubolt up configuration where the nuts are on top of the leaf pack, 1999-2010 OEM ubolt orientation.  These make for a very strong unitized mount so that nothing can shift or move around which the ubolts pass through for additional security.  This provides for a very safe and EXTREMELY strong base.  

When using a Block Mounted kit you will then choose the block height/options.  THESE OPTIONS ONLY APPLY WHEN YOU CHOOSE A BLOCK MOUNTED KIT!

Block Height-  This is measured is measured in the center of the block.  If you are are happy with the height of the back of your truck simply order the same size you have now.  If you would like to lift or lower the truck, adjust the size you would like.  It is a direct 1:1 ratio for height, a 1/2" shorter block than what is installed currently will drop the back of the truck 1/2".  If your installing a new lift and dont know what size of block you need, we recommend a 1" taller block than whatever the lift height in the front is, in order to provide a level stance with a STOCK leaf pack.  If you want a rake or bulldog look, adjust the height accordingly.  There are many variables that can affect this though, so this is simply a guideline.  Every truck will vary and we are not responsible if you order the wrong size of block.

Block Taper-  This is the angle that is built into the bottom of the block.  This will change the angle of the rear differential.  Different applications, years, bed/cab lengths require different configurations.

Block Options-  These tangs can be added off the side of the blocks.  The BUMPSTOP TANG is designed to make contact with the OEM foam bumpstop under the bottom of the frame rail to limit suspension compression.  The AIRBAG TANG is a heavy duty supported platform which allows you to mount an airbag or Timbren style load supporting device (not included).  If an airbag is not used, the tang will function just like a bumpstop tang.  

 All hardware and jam nuts are included in the kit. We use nothing but grade 8 hardware and all joints are re-buildable and greaseable. The axle side uses a poly joint to absorb minor road vibrations. On the frame side we use a joint with poly races. This allows the system to let the suspension articulate without bind and have a smooth quiet operation both on and off road. Be leery of kits that use heim joints for use on street driven vehicles. Heim joints will wear and become noisy. In addition they do not dampen any road vibrations or harmonics and instead transfer that directly to the cab.

Please note that Ubolts are not included with any of the kits but are available separately!


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