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2005-07 2.5" Alpha

Part Number: PMF-FRD-1212
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2005-07 2.5
2005-07 2.5' Alpha
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The Alpha 2.5" kits are intended for the customer looking for a comfortable street ride, excellent towing authority, and a stable rearend for higher hp platforms.

We have designed these kits around 2 basic principles.  We upgrade the front to a quality dual rate coil spring which will provide a nice smooth ride on the street and improved offroad ability offering an additional 3+" of travel over a stock.  The rear is designed around the stock rear spring.  With the Alpha series, the rear spring will be supplemented with a traction bar kit to give it a stable base when towing or any other performance scenario.  We do not use Add-a-Leafs as these will stiffen up the ride.

Front Axle:
For the front end you have two options.  First we have our Short Arm 4-Link.  This is designed to give you the most control over axle and wheel hop.  It will keep your frontend planted for even the most brutal 4 hi launches or sled pulls.  This option is more tailored towards the customer looking for every last drop of performance out of their frontend.  The down side is a small sacrafrice of cushion for harsh road impacts such as pot holes and expansion joints.    The other options is to use of our Adjustable 3-Link Arms.  With these, you will notice tighter steering response, better street characteristics, and a more comfortable ride.  The increased strength of the link arms will have better control over the axle and allow for more articulation and shock absorption offroad.  This will make for smoother operation when hitting anything from potholes to whoops!  Regardless of which option you choose you will have the ability to adjust castor to your desired specs.

  This kit comes standard with our Direct Replacement Adjustable Track Bar.  This is a direct plug and play setup.  This a heavy duty trackbar is constructed from 1.5" OD .250 DOM with an oversized 1" QA1 heim joint.  Most other manufactures will use a poly or smaller heim joint.  With an oversized joint such as we use you will get the most durability and least worry of steering related problems. 

Rear Block:
Rear lift blocks are optional and we have a few different sizes to choose from.  The front springs uses in this kit are designed to sit level with a 3.5" rear block.  Choose the size of block that will give your truck just the stance you are looking for!  For those that are looking for the ultimate, we also offer traction block configurations that incorporate single or floating traction bars into the lift block.  Please see our related products for more details!

  This kit comes standard with 5/8" ubolts.  For high hp and performance applications we recommend upgrading to the 3/4" ubolts.  This is a HUGE upgrade over the strength of the OEM 5/8".  When selecting the ubolts choose either a single rear wheel (SRW) or dual rear wheel (DRW).

Leaf Pack Type:
Determine what type of leaf pack you have.  A standard leaf pack will consist of a leaf configuration where the top most leaf runs full length from eyelet to eyelet.  A standard leaf pack will have a thickness of 2-3".  If your pack is thicker than this choose the "top mounted overload option".  A truck with a "top mounted overload" will have a small spacer between the main pack and the top overload which is not connect to anything at each end.

We have many different shock options available.  All of our shocks are valved specifically for this application.  For the customer looking for some improvement in looks and performance the 5100 shock is a great all around buy.  The 5160 steps up its game and offers a resi.  There is a definite improvement in on and offroad performance.  The seal orientation on these is better for salty and harsh environments.  For the customer looking for the ultimate performance we offer our PMF Race series.  These are custom built to order based on how you use your truck and what you are looking for out of your kit.  We can set these up to give you the absolute best on and offroad performance!


If you want to have blue hoses, please let us know and we can check our stock on shocks with blue hoses. Otherwise, blue hoses may be purchased separately for a fee.


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