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2005-10 Ford F-250/350 HD Indexed 4-Link Kit

Part Number: PMF-FRD-6003
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Here is the ultimate kit for guys with 8"-12" lifted trucks. This takes a typical 4-link upgrade to an entire new level. With the installation of this kit, you will gain the added benefits of our HD Long Arm 4-Link and add an indexing ring and integrated crossmember! This kit is manufactured from laser cut 1/4" steel and features an independent frame mount for the lower link arm that ties to both the frame and the stock radius arm mount. This is a MUCH stronger design than one that only mounts to the radius arm bucket. In addition this kit adds even more strength by integrating the mount for a new indexed transmission crossmember. This is for use with the supplied transfer case indexing ring. With the use of this ring, you can clock your transfer case to one of 3 available locations. This will flatten out your front drive shaft angle and allow you to operate in 4wd without bind or vibration! Both upper and lower link bars are built from 2" OD DOM tubing and BOTH are adjustable. This allows proper adjustment of your caster and a greater range of lifts heights that your kit will work with should you change the stance down the road. They also come with top of the line rebuildable, greaseable joints. This kit is recommended for trucks with 8" or more of lift. For trucks with 10" or more, it is a must to maintain use of your front driveshaft. Will work for trucks with 8"-12" of lift.

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