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2005-22 Ford F-250/350 Short Arm 4-Link

Part Number: PMF-FRD-6007
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2005-22 Ford F-250/350 Short Arm 4-Link
2005-22 Ford F-250/350 Short Arm 4-Link
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     This short arm 4-link is designed for the trucks that see hardcore use.  This kit will help prevent the unwanted wheel hop in the front end when running at the drag strip, sled pulling events, or anytime your truck is seeing a heavy boosted launch.

       We have spent a ton of time perfecting the geometry of this kit and it is unlike any other on the market today.  We have specifically set this kit up to work with -2.5" lowered trucks up to 3.5" lifts.  When getting to the larger lifted heights, you may consider our long arm 4-link as a better alternative.

         The frame side mount has multiple internal gussets and is fabricated from 1/4" laser cut steel.  It bolts into the stock radius arm basket and has optional hole locations that can allow additional mounting hardware to be used for severe use applications.  Because of the design of this frame mount, the cycling of the suspension is much more suitable for drag racing and sled pulling situations.  It also keeps the lower 4-link arm tucked up as close as possible to the frame to allow maximum ground clearance.  Optional replacement frame mounts offer a lighter/stronger mounting bracket!  This option requires removal of the stock radius arm mount and bolts in place using the existing holes the hot rivets are removed from.

       All tubing is 2" .250 wall DOM and the end links are offset to allow additional tire clearance for a tighter turning radius.  The frame side joints are the highest quality USA built FK Heim Joints with a static load rating of over 76,000 lbs!  Because of the use of heim joints in this 4-link, no flex or shock absorption is allow.  This is perfect for the racing side of things but do note, some road impacts from potholes and such will be more noticeable. 

      This kit is entirely bolt on comes in a powder coated finish.  Kit includes:
  • (2)Frame Side 4-link Mounts
  • (2) Upper 4-link Bars
  • (2) Lower 4-link Bars
  • (4) FK Heims w/ Misalignment Spacers
  • (1) Hardware Kit 

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