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2011-16 Ford F-250/350 HD Long Arm 4-Link Kit

Part Number: PMF-FRD-6002-1
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2011-16 Ford F-250/350 HD Long Arm 4-Link Kit
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   This is a bolt on fully adjustable front long arm 4-link kit for the 2011-16 Ford F-250/350 4x4 trucks. Unlike most 4-link kits, our system features a fully adjustable upper and lower arm allowing you to adjust axle placement and castor for lift heights from 4.5" up to 12".  For trucks with more than 12" of lift, a subframe based setup that drops the link arms down is recommended.  A 4-link front end will ride much softer than a traditional radius arm truck as well as keeping all of your steering and alignment specs much closer during articulation and travel. With a radius arm based system the entire axle rotates on a set point at the frame.  This means as the axle compresses or extends, your castor changes.  With a properly designed 4-link, this change can be reduced or in many cases eliminated.  A truck equipped with a 4-link will have a little more body roll than a radius arm/3-link based setup.  If this is of concern, you in upgrade your sway bar to eliminate the additional roll.  

   A long arm 4-link system like this will have better control over wheel hop or for trucks doing sled pulling and heavy offroad use. For lower height lifted vehicles that don't want to sacrifice ground clearance but are still looking for ultimate control of their frontend, consider our adjustable 3-link arms.

  This kit is manufactured from laser cut 1/4" steel and features an independent frame mount for the lower link arm that ties to both the frame and the stock radius arm mount. This is a MUCH stronger design than one that only mounts to the radius arm bucket. Both upper and lower link bars are built from 2" OD DOM tubing and BOTH are adjustable. This allows proper adjustment of your castor and a greater range of lifts heights that your kit will work with should you change the stance down the road. The also come with top of the line rebuildable, greaseable endlinks.

  Don't be fooled by our prices, these kits will outperform kits that cost twice the money. As always, this kit is made by hand with pride here in the USA.

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