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2017-19 Ford Superduty Reverse Level Block Kit

Part Number: PMF-17RBLK
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2017-19 Ford Superduty Reverse Level Block Kit
2017-19 Ford Superduty Reverse Level Block Kit
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  We are proud to offer what we think is the most unique lift block on the market today.  Our heavy duty lift blocks incorporate the u-bolts for an extremely solid and secure setup. You will never have to worry about your block shifting around, or worse yet a failure.  Many aftermarket lifts make you stack multiple blocks which not only looks bad but could allow one to be spit out.  Replace them with one of our blocks to prevent any worry!

  The factory trucks come with a 3.25" rear block.  The most common choice is to go to a 1.5" block, which will leave the truck with an ever so slight rake.  This is the shortest block height you can run and maintain proper driveline angle and keep the factory rear shocks as well.  If you want a touch more rake, you can choose the 2" tall block option.  This kit come standard with a bumpstop tang on the blocks, for those that intend to run airbags, we offer an upgraded airbag tang option.  This will offer a large secure method of mounting the bottom side of the airbag.  Please select the leaf pack type you have so we send the correct length ubolts for your application.  If you are unsure, shoot us a call and we can explain the differences to ensure you get the correct product, the first time!

  Leaf pack type:  A standard leaf pack will have a bottom flat overload with 2 main leafs.  An overload pack will have the bottom flat overload, 2 main leafs, a spacer, and then a top leaf that is unattached on the ends and has more curve to it.  

Kit includes:

(2) Blocks w/ Bumpstop Tangs (airbag tangs optional)
(4) 5/8" Ubolts w/ Nuts and Washers

This is for F-250/350 4x4 single rear wheel applications.  Typical lead time on these is 3 business days.  Occasionally we run low on stock and the wait time may be a few more days.  

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