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2017-20 F-250/350 1-2.5" Spacer Lift

Part Number: 239
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2017-20 F-250/350 1-2.5
2017-20 F-250/350 1-2.5' Spacer Lift
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This is a cost effective way to lift the front of your 2017+ with quality well made parts.  This kit will use a basic Bottom Mount Coil spacer in the height you choose to lift the front of the truck.  OEM load capacity and ride quality is left unchanged.  This kit leaves the rear of the truck stock beside shocks if you choose to add them.  

The stock platform has a lot of rake to it.  A 2.5" front BMC spacer will leave the truck just a touch high in the rear but most people would consider the truck to be leveled.  Select the height of the spacer you would like to achieve the stance you desire!

Included in the kit is a pair of alignment cams to install in the upper ball joints that will increase castor and prevent accelerated front end wear and problems!

We recommend adding our HD Adjustable Trackbar to improve front handling characteristics and tighten up steering feel.  The OEM trackbar is a prone to premature failure at the balljoint side and the vulcanized rubber bushing at the frame side has too much flex.  These two problems compound and allow death wobble to easily occur even on a stock height truck.  Adding lift height will shift the axle off center and make death wobble an even bigger concern.

We recommend selecting shocks to complete this package.  A BMC spacer height of 1.5" or more will leave the factory front shocks too short.  Not to mention, the factory shocks leave a ton to be desired.  Its not uncommon to see failures of them in a short amount of time.  All of our upgraded shock options are application specific tuned and will improve the overall ride and handling of these trucks!    

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