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2023-24 Superduty Auto Level Headlight and Weight Scale Components

Part Number: PMF-3017
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2023-24 Superduty Auto Level Headlight and Weight Scale Components
Adjustable Position Sensor Lockout Tabs Shown
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     On some of the higher trim package 2023+ Superduty trucks, they come with an auto level headlight sensor.  This system has a linkage which to the side of the radius arm and runs up to a sensor on the side of the frame.  This sensor adjusts the headlights up and down depending on how the sensor is positioned.  With lifts and suspension modifications, it is often necessary to adjust this so that the headlights are adjusted properly.  We have a few options below to assist with this!  Each item below comes as a pair. 

Adjustable Position Sensor Lockout Tabs:
  These tabs bolt in with the factory hardware to allow you to adjust the position of the sensor manually and lock the sensor/headlights in place.  These eliminate the need for the sensor arm and subsequent mount to the radius/link arm.  This is ideal for trucks that see hard offroad use as the arm and mounts are prone to damage from rocks and debris flying up.  THESE ELIMINATE THE AUTO LEVEL FEATURE AND CAUSE THE LIGHTS TO STAY POSITIONED HOW YOU SET THEM!

Adjustable Height OEM Radius Arm Linkage Mount:
  These brackets bolt into place on the OEM radius arms with OEM hardware.  These have multiple hole locations to position the linkage mount vertically to adjust the position of the sensor/lights.  These retain the OEM auto leveling feature of the truck.  These are IDEAL for trucks running leveling kits using factory radius arms mounted to the oem location at the frame side.  Trucks equipped with radius arm drop brackets or similar products that drop the radius arm down at the frame side may need to pair these mounts with longer length adjustable linkages on trucks or consider the Adjustable Position Sensor Lockout Tabs.

Billet Clamp-on Linkage Mounts:
  These use our CNC billet aluminum clamps to attached a multi hole location plate onto aftermarket tubular radius arms.  These work with our 3-link and 4-link arm systems and other companies that use a tubular link arm (must match to the outside diameter of the arm).  These offer some vertical adjustability with the multiple holes cut into the plates.  These will work on our 3-link arms with no additional parts needed as long as the arms are mounted to the OEM location at the frame side.  4-link and other brands of arms may need an adjustable length linkage depending on the design of the arm/system.  These retain the OEM auto leveling feature of the truck.

Adjustable Length Sensor Linkage:
  The cut to length adjustable length SS threaded rods allow you to make a custom length sensor linkage for your application needs.  They come with a poly covering and shrink wrap to securely lock the links in place once the length has been adjusted as desired.  These come with excess length and will need to be trimmed to fit.
Sensor repair components and replacements coming soon!

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