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3" Wide Leaf to 2.5" Leaf Spring Conversion Ubolt Top Plates

Part Number: PMF-FRD-4050SP
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3' Wide Leaf to 2.5' Leaf Spring Conversion Ubolt Top Plates
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The purpose for these ubolt top plates is for custom applications where an axle swap with a 3" wide leaf spring perch have been swapped into a vehicle with 2.5" wide leaf springs.  There are two 1/4" vertical "ribs" that run along each side of the leaf spring.  These cradle the leaf so that the top plate and ubolts dont twist or rotate. 

 These are laser cut from 3/8" plate and then cnc bent to add even more strength.  This makes them much stronger than the stock plates which are made from 1/4".  We have 2 versions, one for 5/8" diameter ubolts and one for upgraded 3/4" ubolts (ubolts purchased separately). 

These also have 3 different center pin locations which allow you to center you axle within the fender well when using lift blocks with adjustable alignment pins.  If you need a pair of lift blocks to make use of this feature, you will find that all of our blocks have this ability.

Kit includes:
  •    (2) Ubolt Top Plates

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