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Dodge S/S Braided Brake Lines

Part Number: PMF-SBK-DOD
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Dodge S/S Braided Brake Lines
Dodge S/S Braided Brake Lines
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When it comes to brakes, a sacrifice is not worth you or your families safety.  All of our brake lines are built for us with nothing but top of the line components.  The multi-layer composition of our lines eliminates all swelling of the line during braking.  This creates a firmer pedal, better stopping power, and less stopping distance.  This is especially important for lifted applications where larger tires and wheels put more stress on braking components.

All of our brake lines feature:

  • 5-Layer Stainless Steel Braid
  • Kevlar Reinforced
  • Teflon Inner Core Hose
  • 1pc Steel Fittings
  • DOT Certified
  • OEM Direct Fit
  • Compatible With All Types of Brake Fluid

The lift size denotes the amount longer than stock the line will be.  Long travel or systems with addition droop should order additional length lines to accommodate this.  We can custom make any length line you would like for an additional cost.

The default color of our lines is SMOKE.  We can custom build your choice of: clear, black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, or purple.  This must be ordered over the phone directly with our shop to make sure the order is processed properly.

***Please note that many of these are built to order and will have a few day lead time for construction***

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