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Dodge Short Arm Adjustable 4-link

Part Number: PMF-DOD-6001
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Dodge Short Arm Adjustable 4-link
Dodge Short Arm Adjustable 4-link
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OEM Dodge link arms are made from flimsy sheet metal and rubber bushings that are prone to premature failure and terrible flex.  Our HD replacement adjustable arms use extremely strong 1.75" .250 wall DOM tubing with double adjustable ends.  These are available with two different types of joints depending on how your vehicle is being used.  As with all of our products, these are proudly Made in America!

Alpha Cushioned Joints-  These allow the suspension to flex smoothly and quietly and increase overall travel.  These joints give just the right amount of flex to cushion hard impacts while not flexing too much that would allow wheel hop to happen to easily.  Our custom designed and unique poly race has an isolator built into it to keep them quiet and prevent over rotation of the arm.  They are also both greaseable and rebuildable to allow you to service them in the future.

FK Heim Joints-  These are large 1" FK heim ends to ensure a durable and long service life.  These joints work best in drag race, sled pull and performance scenarios.  These have no flex in them so they do the absolute best job of preventing wheel hop as possible.  Many kits on the market use inferior imported cheap Chinese heims on their arms.  Their joints will wear out quickly and make terrible noise.  We source our heims from FK which are built here in the US and cost 10x the money with the performance to back that up! 

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