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Front Axle Ubolts

Part Number: PMF-UBF
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Front Axle Ubolts
Front Axle Ubolts
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These ubolts are intended for use on the front of solid axle pickups from 1988-2004 Ford F-250/350, and Excursions.  You will need to order the appropriate bend type and leg length as required for your application.  We have included a picture of the different types of bends for comparison.  We have a ubolt bender in house so if your looking for something different than we have listed, just shoot us a call!  

These are made from Grade 8 equivalent fine thread 9/16" threaded rod that averages 5" of threads.  Everything included in the kit comes in a raw finish.

Kit includes:
(4)  9/16" Ubolts
(8)  Grade 8 Ubolt High Nuts
(8)  Grade 8 Extra Thick Ubolt Washers

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