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OBS Track Bar Bracket

Part Number: PMF-FRD-3011
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OBS Track Bar Bracket
Stock replacement bracket.
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Front track bar frame bracket designed to match the OE bracket but built with much stronger laser cut steel. The main structure is heavily gusseted to prevent any concerns of twisting. These are a direct bolt on setup that does not interfere with any stock components unlike many other drop plates or such being offered for these trucks. We also make a stock version for those that are wanting to do an TTB (twin traction beam) conversion and are having trouble sourcing an OEM bracket. These come standard in a raw finish. If you are ordering this in conjunction with our OBS pitman arm, you will want a 3" drop version. The drop amount of these brackets should be matched up with the drop amount of the pitman arm that you are using. If you dont see the size listed that you need, please call us directly we may have them available.

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