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PMF 2020-24 F-250/350 Tremor Superduty Lowering System

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PMF 2020-24 F-250/350 Tremor Superduty Lowering System
PMF 2020-24 F-250/350 Tremor Superduty Lowering System
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PMF is happy to offer an all inclusive system to lower your 2020-24 Tremor Model Superduty Diesel 1-1.5" in the front and a 3.25" drop in the rear!!**  This is the most amount possible with simple bolt on components that dont require any permanent frame or suspension modifications!  This kit comes with our Heavy Duty Adjustable Trackbar to perfectly center your front axle and take the play out of the bar that the factory joints have along with offering a longer service life!  Within this kit we use factory Ford OEM coils with two spring rate options to choose from.  The front factory bumpstops are replaced with low profile OEM ones to gain the maximum amount of travel possible with the reduced constraints a lowering scenario creates.  In the rear, we remove the block completely and provide a new set of ubolts in the proper length depending on which leaf pack configuration you have.  The shocks used in this kit are setup specifically for the lowered configuration.     

Kit Contains:
(2)  OEM Ford Coils (two spring rate/height options) The Max Drop option is not recommended for trucks that see hard use in rough terrain/roads
(2)  OEM Low Profile Front Bumpstops
(1)  5004-L PMF HD Adjustable Trackbar
(2)  Front Shocks (your choice of configuration)
(2)  Rear Shocks (your choice of configuration)
(4) 5/8" Ubolt Set

**The exact drop amount you will see on your particular truck has a lot of variables.  It will depend on what OEM coil you have along with your cab/bed configuration.  We are working to provide some baseline hub to fender measurements and will update this listing as soon as they are confirmed.

These trucks engage the front bumpstop fairly often in factory form.  While these kits do use OEM coils and bumpstops, it is important to be mindful of the lowered ride height when encountering rough roads/potholes/etc.  We do not recommend these kits to be use on applications that have any additional weight up front (ie aftermarket bumpers, winches, campers, etc).  Use of airbags or similar products in the rear must take into account the fact there are no blocks used in the rear.  Unfortunately in todays sue happy world we live in we must say, "PMF is not responsible for injury, damage, loss of control or death under any circumstance".  Use at your own risk.   

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