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PMF MiniFrame Overlays

Part Number: PMF-6009-VP
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PMF MiniFrame Overlays
PMF MiniFrame Overlays
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Set yourself apart by adding some contrast and custom touches to your build!  These overlays mount over top of our MiniFrame and bolt in place.  Installation can be purchased at the same time as our MiniFrame, we will drill all the holes and ship them ready to go.  If purchased separately or without installation, the user will need to drill the holes in the MiniFrame using the overlay as your template.  SS button head hardware is included.  Available in 3 material types/finishes.  These come as a pair.

Mild steel-  these can be chromed, painted, or powder coated.
Plain stainless-  these can be polished.
Brushed stainless-  we send these through our belt sanding machine and put a brushed finish on the stainless.


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