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PMF OEM Replacement Fabricated Buckets

Part Number: PMF-BRK100
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PMF OEM Replacement Fabricated Buckets
PMF OEM Replacement Fabricated Buckets
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PMF Replacement Fabricated Buckets were the first to market to offer a few unique features not previously available!  These were designed to mimic the factory OEM coil bucket dimensions and shapes.  These are CNC formed from 1/4" laser cut plate and offer a much stronger platform that can be configured in a variety of ways for multiple different suspension setups.  With the features these offer, they make a great upgrade to any 2005+ truck or as a great component for use on an older model swapping over to newer axle/coil springs! 

They have a bolt in coil or coilover mount which can be swapped by simply removing 4 bolts.  These buckets allow either an OEM stem mount shock or a more common eyelet shock/bypass in up to a 3.0 size.  There are 3 different hole locations that a stem style shock could be mounted.  Additionally there is an adjustable track for use with eyelet style shocks allowing you to locate the shock vertically to optimize shock travel on any given application.

Adjustable position eyelet shock tabs will bolt into the tracks on the rear part of the bucket.  These are designed to work with an eyelet style of shock with a 1/2" mounting bolt diameter.  They are adjustable in height along the track so you can match the proper stroke and position of the shock. ***WITHOUT THESE YOU WILL HAVE TO USE A STEM STYLE SHOCK LIKE FACTORY*** 

You have your choice of bare steel or a powder coated finish.  All grade 8 mounting hardware is included.  As always, these are proudly manufactured here in the US!  

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