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PSC 1.75" Hydraulic Ram

Part Number: PSC-RAM-175
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PSC 1.75
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PSC 1.75" hydraulic ram. Choose the stroke necessary for your project!  Base ram comes with just the ram, no heims, lines etc.  You must choose those options if you need/want them.

 Optional Rod End and Hardware Kit-  Includes nylon lined heims for each end of the cylinder as well as the 5/8" grade 8 hardware.  The hardware length is designed for a total of a 1/2" of material thickness for the mounting locations.  

Optional PMF Parker hose kit-  Unlike most kits on the market that require you to make both ends, we offer our kit with pre crimped fittings on the ram side.    The crimped fittings are lower profile, cleaner and saves you time!  We use genuine Parker fittings and line for a top quality hose set.  You will just have to cut the line to the length desired and install the box side fittings.  

These are sold individually.

Typically instock and ship within 1 business day.

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