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Plug and Play Strobe Light Harness

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Plug and Play Strobe Light Harness
Plug and Play Strobe Light Harness
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Limitless Autoworks Running Plug and Play Strobe Light Kits

All kits are made to OEM specifications and COMPLETELY PLUG & PLAY using Limitless Autoworks harnesses matched with the wicked auto flasher.  There is no cutting or splicing of ANY factory wiring necessary.

You can wire each kit to either the OEM upfitter switches, or a customer supplied and installed switch. Each kit gives you the ability to choose up to 28 different strobe patterns and also a steady feature. When installed each kit can strobe a different pattern or you can sync up to 8 kits together so they flash the same pattern. Installation is very easy, with very little wiring and automotive experience necessary.

*When strobe lights are activated, there is absolutely no back feeding to the BCM (Body control module).

*Headlight, Fog Light, Tail Light, Reverse, and 3rd Brake Light Strobe Harnesses REQUIRE THE TRUCK TO HAVE OEM LED LIGHTING.

*3rd Brake Light Harness alternates the brake light against the cargo lights and DOES NOT flash the light next to the tailgate handle.

(When hooking the power for each harness to the upfitter wiring it is necessary to make a splice joint. Ford leaves the upfitter wires as blunt cut wires with a piece of heat shrink over the end)

These are built to order with a 2-3 week lead time typically.  Sometimes supply issues may add additional lead time.  Feel free to call the shop or leave a note on your order if this is time sensitive.  

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