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Welded Loop Shaft End

Part Number: SHK-WLSE-875-625
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Welded Loop Shaft End
Welded Loop Shaft End
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These is a Welded Loop Shaft End designed for a 7/8" shaft for use with a 5/8" spherical bearing (spherical not included).  By welding this directly to the shaft end instead of a threaded shaft end, you can shorten the overall length of a shock/coilover.  This unique two piece design allows you to weld the assembly in stages and in multiple areas to spread the load and increase the overall strength substantially!  Machined from 17-4 stainless for maximum strength!

This product needs to be installed by a trained professional.  Being a fabrication supply item, the user assumes the risk of using this product and should not proceed with something like this without proper knowledge.  

Sold exactly as pictured to install on 1 shock. 

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